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MGS Designz is all about showing off our clients not only because we love what we do to make them look and sound good but because we really admire everything they offer! We’ve recently began working with Bob Trimarchi from Beach Bungalow Blinds and it’s definitely been a pleasure! Bob’s a great guy who knows everything there is to know about blinds, shades and window treatments and that’s not all! He’s also all about giving his customer’s the best of the best in products and services! Now, while Bob’s been teaching us all about window treatments, we’ve been helping him extend his internet presence and market his business. He has a beautiful website but he needed help driving traffic to it so we hooked him up with a blog, a newsletter and got him active on all the social media sites! Here’s his latest blog post:

Welcome to the many wonders of a Solar Shade! 

At Beach Bungalow Blinds we know how important your home is and how valuable everything inside of it is to you and your family. We know that giving you options and educating you on all the window treatments available will definitely help you make a better choice when it comes to dressing your windows! Today we would like to introduce you to Solar Shades!

When we think of Solar Shades we don’t just think about covering up a window so your neighbors can’t see in. Yes privacy is important but Solar Shades offer you so much more than that! We think about adding color and beauty to a room while protecting everything inside from the sun’s harmful rays. We think about saving you money on your electric bill and giving you the opportunity to see the beautiful view outside your living room window! Solar shades are beautiful, versatile, functional and they add value to your home. We would love to take some time to discuss with you the many options of Solar Shades for your home or office and invite you to call us at (239) 689-4375. Here’s more information, please read on!

Typical Use for Solar Window Shades: Any room where a view to outside is desired.Solar shades are designed to control the sunlight and heat penetrating a window.

Solar Shades allow you to maintain your outdoor view while minimizing glare on TVs and home computers (the darker the fabric color, the better the glare control). These shades also protect your furnishings by blocking damaging UV rays, and reduce heat transmittance to keep your home comfortable (the lighter the fabric color, the better the temperature control).

Choose between Solar Shade fabrics ranging from 3% to 14% openness. The fabric’s openness determines the clearness of the outward view and UV blockage. The lower the number, the harder it is to see out of. The tighter the weave, the less view but you get more protection from the heat and cold. The more open the weave is, the better the view.

Solar Shade Features

  • Reduce cooling costs
  • Reduce fuel
  • Reduce greenhouse gasses
  • Reduce Radiant Heat Gain
  • Reduce workload on cooling units Blocks 99% UV Light
  • Prevents Skin Cancer
  • Protects the Delicate Skin of Children
  • Protects Furniture and Valuables
  • Shade Material Endorsed by American Cancer Society & Skin Cancer Foundation

Glare Reduction and Comfort

  • Television Screens
  • Computers
  • Work Areas
  • Retail Cash Registers and Displays
  • Restaurant Environment

Our Solar Shades are available with:

A Cordless Lift System – a safety solution for homes with children or pets.
Continuous Loop Lift System – making it easy to raise large shades.
Motorization System – makes hard to reach shades and heavy shades easy to operate.  Raise and lower multiple shades with a hand-held or wall mounted switch. Perfect for those with special needs and homes with children or pets.

Imagine your home dressed in new window coverings…. Now let us take care of the rest.We look forward to working with you soon!

Beach Bungalow Blinds
Phone: 239-689-4375

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