With Honor and Love on 9/11

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Today is a difficult day for many people all around the world but especially for those close to New York or the ones that died on that day or in the days that followed. Today and every year on this day our hearts are heavy, sadness hangs over us like a dark cloud and the tears flow freely. Some of us say a prayer and light a candle. Most of us have taken a few minutes, a few hours or the entire day to grieve the loss, feel the pain and remember those lost and everything they meant to us. September 11th, 2001 will forever be marked in our hearts and minds as a tragic day that never should have happened.

This is a day in our history in which everyone remembers exactly where they were, who they were with and how they heard the news. It’s as if time stopped and this day became etched in our memory for as long as we live. It’s difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the loss or begin to understand what would drive humanity to reach this point. Hatred and extreme beliefs have been the downfall and disgrace of mankind since the beginning of time and today is no different. It’s useless and senseless to try to understand it or make sense of it – there is no sense to be made of an act so evil. Everyone was touched on this day, regardless of where they were on this planet – humanity as a whole was forever affected because if it could happen here, it could happen anywhere at any time!

Death and grieving are a normal part of life but there is nothing normal or everyday about the tragedy of this day. Nothing could prepare us as a country, as a people, as a family for this level of pain and chaos. The flood of emotions was immense… fear, uncertainty, pain, anger, suffering, hate… the list goes on. What amazes me most is that in the middle of so much hate and so much evil there were so many angels present on that day and on the days to follow. Aside from the lives lost in the attacks were the brave ones that willingly faced death head on in order to save the life of someone in danger. They didn’t think twice about their own safety and life – what was more important was saving another and so they gave the ultimate. Today we honor and remember them all and we send our love, blessings and  positive thoughts to their loved ones, friends and family that to this day feel an emptiness in their hearts and lives because of the ones they lost on 9/11.

Those of us that lost loved ones will forever carry a space in our hearts to remember and hold their memory. The rest of us extend our hearts out to you today in an effort to help you carry the load and know that you are not alone. Today your loss is our loss and they will never be forgotten. This is what makes humanity great – those of us that choose to take the tragedy of a senseless day and embrace love, unity, brotherhood and all the good in the world in spite of all of the bad that exists.

I think back to the days after 9/11/01 and I remember the entire country uniting in prayer, on edge and in fear of the worst but hoping for the best. We reached out to one another, did what we could, gave what we could to whoever was in need. In those days following we stopped being black or white, republican or democrat, rich or poor and we all became Americans. Suddenly the color of your skin didn’t matter and the car your drove wasn’t what we noticed but rather the sticker of the american flag that stood out and silently said “I am with you and we are in this together.”  I don’t think the colors red, white and blue ever meant to much to us as a nation as they did on those days.

I can’t remember when things changed and we just went back to being our old selves – divided in our fears instead of united in our faith. Every day, every month, every year we have a choice in who we will be as person, as a community, as a country and as a human beings. What you and I do today and every day of our life matters because we are always teaching the good or the bad that we live with our actions and words. For me, today is one of those days in which I stop and think – who am I? Who are we? What will we do with this gift of life that we have and what legacy will we leave behind for those to follow.

I believe the best way to honor those we lost on that tragic day of September 11, 2001 is to not only say a pray and light a candle but to make a personal commitment to ourselves and to them to be as close to good as we can be and as far away from evil for all the days of our lives. There is so much we can do with good and love in our hearts and minds. Unfortunately we all know too well what hate and evil can create in our world.

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