Paying the Price for Peace

Paying the Price for Peace

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You know I love sharing the good stuff – Please share and invite friends. The film is narrated by Peter Coyote. My good friend Holley Rauen from Happehatchee is in it as well as interviews with Alice Walker, Martin Sheen, Phil Donahue, Cindy Sheen, Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, Col. Ann Wright, Medea Benjamin, Pres Daniel Ortega and Camilo Mejia. Holley will be speaking briefly before the film and is happy to answer questions after. This is HUGE for Holley and for us all. If we want Peace we need to be willing to WORK for Justice. This is an important documentary and we are lucky to get to see it premiere in SW Florida! Please join us and help us spread the word!

Paying the Price for Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson. The film tells the story of S. Brian Willson’s courageous attempts to promote peace through nonviolent actions, as well as the struggles and activism of other American veterans and civilians.

Here is the Press release that the UU Church sent out:




Naples flagFORT MYERS, Fla.— S. Brian Willson lost both of his legs protesting against arm shipments to Central America in 1987. Holley Rauen, member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, co-organized this blockade with him. “Paying the Price for Peace,” a full-length documentary that includes stories about Brian Willson’s life, premiered in Hanoi, Vietnam, about a month ago. It is making it through the film festival circuit and also being shown in Unitarian Universalist congregations and Veterans for Peace Centers around the country.

This documentary is an integral chapter in Holley Rauen’s story.  The film features many veterans of foreign wars, including Holley’s  former husband, Vietnam Veteran, S. Brian Willson.  Holley married Brian in 1987, only 10 days before he was run over by a weapons train. Her 14 year old son, Gabriel was also present at the assault on the train tracks.  It is part of Holley’s story and what brought her to UUCFM as a peace and social justice activist.

Vietnam Veteran S. Brian Willson paid the price for peace by nearly being killed by a military train during a non-violent protest. Since then, he has not stopped calling attention to the United States government’s defiance of international law through waging endless illegal wars.

Paying the Price for Peace exposes the truth about our country’s addiction to war, and the lies it perpetuates in order to wage ongoing violence, through the life and times of Air Force veteran S. Brian Willson and others. (Official WebsiteClick here to Like their page on Facebook.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers (UUCFM) Social Justice Committee will be sponsoring the premiere of the full-length documentary, “Paying the Price for Peace” on Saturday, July 2 at 6:00 p.m. in the Miller Sanctuary.

About Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers (UUCFM) has been in the heart of South Fort Myers since 1961. We are a generous and inclusive faith community that compassionately leads the way in creating connections to build a just, sustainable world. We worship, work and play together, deepening our faith to offer spiritual support to one another in times of need & joy.

Holley, Brian, Gabriel 1988

S. Brian Willson, is a former Air Force Vietnam Veteran turned Peace Activist, who lost both of his legs during a peaceful demonstration when he was struck by a munitions train that was speeding 3 times over the legal limit toward ­ the protesters at the Concord Naval Weapons Station, California. Consequently, thousands of anti­war demonstrators converged at the site and ripped up the railroad tracks­­blocking all trains for the following 865 days in protest of all munitions shipments to the US government backed wars in Nicaragua or El Salvador. Congress had subsequently passed legislation that prohibited funding the covert US backed wars to overthrow democratically elected governments in Central American countries­­especially Nicaragua. But even then, the Reagan administration illegally continued to support the Contra war. The film also depicts actions and other spokespersons of today’s peace movement, the ongoing – U.S. wars of aggression in multiple countries. The film shows why current anti­war activists challenge a perpetual war profiteering economy calling for an end to supporting America’s illegal wars.


Holley Rauen

Holley Rauen, Vice President of Happehatchee

Holley-RauenHolley Rauen, RN is a retired public health nurse, midwife and a seasoned social justice activist. She serves Happehatchee by working as Communications Coordinator and newsletter editor. Holley’s activism has included organizing and/or participating in movements for Peace, Reproductive Rights, Fair Trade, LGBT rights and the Environment. She is a very active member of the Unitarian Universalist Church and enjoys singing in the chorus and contributing as Worship Associate in the Sunday Services..

Holley served on the board of directors of EPEC (Environmental and Peace Education Center) in Fort Myers for five years. She served for many years on the board of the California Association of Midwives and helped write protocols, policies and procedures for non-nurse midwives and co authored the legislation for midwifery certification in California. She co-founded The Veterans Peace Action Teams with Viet Nam Veteran peace activist S. Brian Willson and assisted with peace walks and restoration projects in Central America.

Holley has also assisted in organizing and teaching women’s health and anti-human trafficking with the Lee County Health Department and the GRACE project.

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About Happehatchee Eco Spiritual Center

Happehatchee Center is a sanctuary for peace and healing. A Park in the Heart of Estero Village. Our mission is to sustain the Happehatchee Eco-spiritual Center as it provides environmental and healing arts education. We preserve and honor Happehatchee’s vibrant land as a way to make sacred connections with our selves, each other, and Nature. The Happehatchee Center is a Founding Member of the Estero Historic Preservation Citizens Committee. Happehatchee Center would greatly appreciate your support in order to continue to provide and offer everything we do as we continue to grow and offer our community even more!

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